Saturday, May 22, 2010

Digital Artwork Reproductions in Berlin

Digital Artwork Reproductions
by Daniel Tobias

When photographing artwork, even with a very good digital camera, many people find the results they achieve are simply not good enough.

If you need archive-quality documents of your artwork, I can help. 
My Berlin-based company, DT Reproductions, specializes in creating high-quality photographic reproductions of artwork. We photograph work in situ, with a setup that includes lighting gear and a computer, and deliver high-res digital files immediately.

Whether our clients require just one piece documented, or several hundred, our specialized equipment and precise technique allows us to complete work very efficiently and cost-effectively, always with the same unwavering commitment to quality.

We serve artists, galleries, publishing companies, museums, private collectors, and students.
Because of our quick turn-around, our services can be exceptionally useful for artists visiting Berlin from out of town. 

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