Monday, February 13, 2012

Berlin Collective Artist Workshop in NYC for Valentine's Day/ Feb. 12, 2012 JEM Fabric Warehouse Art & Design

Valentine's Day Berry Dyeing Workshop at JEM
In collaboration with Berlin Collective February 12, 2012

Inspire, create and learn with artists in a super amazing treasure at
JEM Fabric Warehouse Art & Design Co-op

Berlin Collective is pleased to announce a collaborative event with JEM Fabric Warehouse Art & Design Co-op the Valentine's Day Berry Dyeing Workshop on February 12, 2012 from 2-5pm

JEM will be offering a one-day Valentine’s Day workshop with artist and JEM owner Michelle Zahabian. We will be dyeing using natural ingredients such as; cherries, roses, beets, and more to create RAD, rose colored cotton scarves with various dyeing techniques and exploring the use of resists. Explore 55 the idea of using words and shapes while playing with dye.

When: Sunday, February 12, 2012 from 2-5pm

Where: JEM Fabric Warehouse Art & Design Co-op, 355 Broadway Between Franklin & Leonard

Why: to explore, inspire, create and learn with artists in a super amazing treasure in NYC.

Price: $60 This price includes materials, beverages, artists, and a super fun time experimenting.

About Michelle Zahabian
Michelle Zahabian is a native New Yorker who loves working with watercolor paper, textiles, water, and liquid paints to show the world and the different energy that we live in. After graduating from Pratt in 2007, with a BFA is Art ED and Painting, a world of creating continued in both L.A and NY with very dedicated clients and kids supporting throughout the way. She worked with partnerships with schools all over the city as a teaching artist . In 2010 her and her brother Dave decided to open JEM, a fabric warehouse full of artists, that produces clothing, furniture and DIY workshops and classes. The arts and creating keeps us alive and forever changing, and JEM is the home Michelle and Dave made to support that thought. She loves the ocean, textiles and very much believes in a revolution…the youth is starting to change….

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About the Berlin Collective
Berlin Collective founded in 2009 by artist Nicole Cohen, as a platform for international cultural exchange to support U.S. Artists by giving them international exposure and to support U.S. artists based there.

Berlin Collective focuses on the connection between the U.S. and Berlin, Germany and beyond. We are an artist/ curator run collective based in NYC and Berlin. Our aim to provide exciting opportunities, knowledge and intellectual growth to art professionals by strengthening international exposure to their work, increase to U.S. artist’s who participate, and the development of American culture in the arts.

Based on the constant growth in population of artists in the U.S. and continuation of unclear business strategies and community opportunities for emerging, mid-career, and established artists to be in dialogue, the Berlin Collective offers a bridging and dialogue amongst art professionals. We host formal and informal events featuring artists. We hope to support new frontiers and alternative approaches for them to discover international possibilities within their professional careers. We believe in the growing global market, which will boost creative approaches and transform the arts at this time due to the evolving technological advancements and abilities to communicate equally internationally and locally.

For more information, contact Berlin Collective Creative Director at 917-868-5902 or visit